If it protects you, why can’t it protect me ?

November 21, 2008

If my boss discriminates against me because of my gender, my age, my colour, my religion, it is illegal . We are colourless, ageless, genderless when it comes to the protection of our freedoms. This means that there can not be one law on record for men, and a similar one (maybe slightly less equal) for women.

The controversy over Proposition8 was flamed by conservative churces. I understand that it may be difficult to seperate religious belief from decisions that we are asked to make at the polls. But our laws pertaining to freedom and equality for all are not the same as our individually held religious viewpoints. The freedoms citizens of the US take for granted have come about only through the efforts of a previous generation that battled for them.   I find it a bit ironic that many of the cases from the 40s that helped so many were filed by one minority religious group that argued that their freedom of speech and freedom to observe their beliefs were being violated and should be protected under the first ammendment of the constitution.  The Supreme Court agreed and their decisions went on to help many other civil law cases.  Even though this religious group dosn’t approve of same sex intimacy, the fact is that even they would know that the intent of the same constitution that afforded them protection to carry on their religious life is the same one that holds out the vision of equality to all; even to same sex couples not wanting to settle for something similar but not quite the same.


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